Project Description

Collaboration is always interesting but Rebecca is delighted to be working with Lizzie Sykes. They are projecting Lizzie’s film onto Rebecca’s sculpture and making work in response.
Lizzie will be  presenting the collaboration and taking part in a discussion at a conference called The British Human Computer Interaction 2016

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Can notions of performance contribute to our understanding of interaction to move beyond current technological paradigms? If we were to propose a new vision for human computer interaction, can we interweave the data rich digital spaces of contemporary corporate giants with the crumbling physical reality of human culture? In response to the fusing of digital culture in all fields of human existence this panel examines perceptions of space, place and time to consider both the fluid connectedness of artistic expressions, interacting independent from human guidance, and the constraint of physical motion of the human form, bound by architectures steeped in history, conflict and culture.

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