ELECTRO is part of a series of sculptures about waves of energy. Electromagnetism is a fundamental force which holds stuff together. The work shows the 2 waves, the electric wave and the magnetic wave, which run concurrently and defines the force. They each travel in a different plane in the same direction. When these undulations [...]

Entropy 8

The ENTROPY sculptures are about energy and information; they have numbers of representative forms or ‘atoms’ which suggest a measurement of possibilities. ENTROPY 8 has a brass skin, brass can be a combination of copper and zinc.


LAUNCH is 2.2m tall  x 2.2m wide x 1m deep Both LAUNCH and SOARS are developed from FLEDGE; INCREMENTS OF FLIGHT. LAUNCH represents the energy required to elevate a swan from a static position into the air. I think of LAUNCH as a 'Fifth Increment of Flight'.  SOAR also considers this moment of huge energetic [...]


WAVE 15 meter floating sculpture is about the increasing amount of frequencies and waves of information which invisibly surround us. It’s red because in the spectrum of visible light, that is the most comparable wavelength; blue wavelangth’s are much closer together for example. WAVE is constructed so that a section of the sculpture sits beneath [...]