Dark Horse Table

Dark Horse is a music venue/ pub/ restaurant in Mosley http://www.darkhorsemoseley.co.uk/ We made the table for them, it is in English oak and reused Heineken bottles, flattened in my kiln. It is 3m X 1m. It's a Stammtisch  or "regulars' table", a place designated for people who go for a drink on their own to sit [...]


FROMGLASS isn't a commissioned project but a range of fused glass lighting, bowls and mirrors which were developed as part of an ongoing exploration into the possibilities of reusing glass bottles. Bottles are imploded, graded and either fused in kilns or added as an aggregate to concrete to create new work from a material with [...]

JWT Kenco

JWT London, on behalf of Kenco, commissioned 8 animal sculptures all with a glass skin. They occupied prime locations in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol for 2 weeks in the summer of 2011 and a Facebook campaign allowed the public to nominate where they now reside. Each sculpture or group of sculptures has skin with [...]

LOROS Quercus Robur

LOROS is a hospice in Leicester. Teams of dedicated fundraisers enabled a new wing of well equipped rooms to help support end of life care,  which overlook a central courtyard garden space. The gardens were planted carefully and Quercus Robur was commissioned for the middle. The entire gardens were exhibited at Hampton Court Flower show [...]


Frondis was commissioned by Elstone Hayes for Royal Caribbean's Soverign. The core of the 13m high suspended atrium sculpture is made from steel, and has a glass skin. Frondis considers light playing on underwater vegetation.