Surge represents progressive wave motion and is red to suggest dynamic energy. Surge summarises the illuminating ethos of STEAM education – which brings together science, technology, engineering, art and maths – and puts art and creativity in the heart of the curriculum. It was commissioned to celebrate the new STEAM hub at Talbot Heath School. Living here in Bournemouth we appreciate the sea and the mist which occasionally rolls in. If you look closely, you see patterns in the ripples on the surface of the sea and in the movement of mist, and in steam, and there is a branch of physics called fluid dynamics which is the study of these patterns. This brings together many subject areas as do the mist making units that accompany the sculpture which have small vibrating membranes that shake liquid water into playful mist.


 Vortex is a suspended sculpture in the atrium of the new STEAM hub at Talbot Heath school in Bournemouth. It describes a watery whirlpool and references climate change. This second commissioned installation at Talbot Heath will be installed in October 2019.





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