Project Description

WAVE 15 meter floating sculpture is about the increasing amount of frequencies and waves of information which invisibly surround us. It’s red because in the spectrum of visible light, that is the most comparable wavelength; blue wavelangth’s are much closer together for example.

WAVE is constructed so that a section of the sculpture sits beneath the waterline, pulled down by weights. Each section of the sculpture is connected by a chain so will move independently, responding to movement of water and the wind, creating gentle curves. The weights below the waterline mean that it will always right itself, whenever the wind blows. It is anchored down to the lake bed at either end.

The trial float at Mudeford went really well. We have information on BBC website, Youtube & Press release.

This piece has been months in the making. Commissioned by a private collector for one of the lakes on his estate in North Yorkshire. The estate will be open to the public in early April, please visit for more information.

applying foam with Astridbig
applying resin big
IMG_9837edited big
IMG_9873 web big
IMG_9884edited big
IMG_9890edited big
in pool big
lined up big
loading up 2 big
loading up big
metal 1 big
mixing resin big
pool 2nd time big
roy sanding 1 big
roy sanding 3 big
sprayers 2nd 220213 big
sprayers 220213 large
spraying 4 large
spraying 5 large
sprayshop big
wave 5 sections 2nd b
wave 5 sections b
wave 8b
wave 9b
wave mudeford 1 b
wave mudeford 2 b
wave mudeford 4 b
wave mudeford 5 b
wave mudeford 6 b
wave ripon1b

Project Details